Kokasauna industrial park comprises of 5 land plots zoned as commercial and production land with sizes between 0.85 and 1.12 ha. Some of the immovables can also be merged together if necessary (detailed information can be found on the immovables leaflet). It is possible to build up to two-storey and 12-meter high production and/or commercial building on each registered immovable. Connecting points to all utilities (water, firefighting water, sewage, electricity, communication channels, gas) are available at the immovables’ boundaries. Street lighting, roadways and sidewalks and exits from all the immovables have been constructed. Connection to low-voltage grid with Elektrilevi OÜ is ampere-based – the metering cabinets with 3 × 160A circuit breakers are installed on the borders of each immovable.

* Kokasauna põik 1 land plot can be divided into two smaller land plots.
** Kokasauna põik 3, 7, 9 ja 11 land plots can be merged together to form larger land plots.

Teaser can be download from here.

For a personal quote to purchase immovables or to receive a rental offer for a finished building please contact:

Kaupo Koitla
+372 5348 1668 | kaupo.koitla@combicon.ee